Your precinct online clinic
During the self-isolation period we did not want to leave our patients without medical care, so we created this service.
How it works?
Choose a doctor
Reception is conducted by doctors of a network of clinics "Polymedica"
Take a survey
Imagine a doctor collecting an anamnesis at an appointment, only now online.
Video with a doctor
You will receive a text message with date, time and link to the conference.

TELEMEDICA - online project of the network of polyclinics "Polymedica", providing assistance in the system of compulsory medical insurance.

Yeah, as your resident clinic.

Video conference takes place at the appointed time online. You see a doctor and can ask him questions.

In case several patients with the same symptoms are recorded during the conference, the doctor makes a video call for several people at the same time.

We ensure anonymity, patients don't see a friend. You can ask the doctor questions throughout the videoconference.